Counselling Services

Island provides confidential counselling in a safe and supportive environment for people who have been bereaved or traumatised. Counselling aims to address issues that may affect people both physically and emotionally and which may be hampering our daily functioning.

Sometimes we may feel we do not want to burden our family and friends who may also be suffering from the loss or trauma and do not want to admit we are struggling. There might be a fear of being perceived as emotionally unstable, or even weak.    Counselling  can offer a private and confidential space to talk about what has happened, your feelings surrounding the loss or trauma and the impact it has had on you.

Experiencing the excessive stress of a traumatic event can seriously challenge your emotional capacity leading to a wide possible range of feelings such as being anxious, overwhelmed, unable to relax.

Traumatic incidents include:
• physical, emotional, sexual abuse
• exposure to violent crime
• serious road traffic accidents
• the death of a family member/ loved one /friend
• a difficult divorce or relationship break up.

After experiencing, or witnessing, a traumatic event it may help to seek help for the emotional impact it has had on you. Contact us for more information.

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