In Zimbabwe 1 in 60 people are in need of palliative care (WHO). Research published in the Journal of Pain & Symptom management (Vol. 3 # 2 Feb 17) estimates the need for Children's Palliative Care in Zimbabwe to be the highest in the world at 120 per 10, 000.  The challenges associated with living with life threatening conditions such as cancer, HIV, MDR TB, cancer and diabetes are made worse by a fragile and under-funded health system, loss to follow up, lack of transportation to access care and the rise in diseases.

2017-2018 Impact

From 1 July 2017-30 June 2018 we provided support to 10 339 patients (of which 281 were children) & their family member through 10 339 contact sessions comprising of:


Clinical Services

Service Reach
Home visits

1 254

Hospital & clinic visits

2 072

Office consultations


Telephone sessions 860


During the same period we provided 621 adult clients with bereavement and counselling services as detailed in the table below.


Bereavement & Counselling Services

Service Reach
Grief & bereavement counselling


Trauma cases 29
Patient support 263


Further to the above we supported a total of 395 bereaved children as follows:-



Service Reach
Bereaved Children's Groups


De-Brief Sessions 48
Dare to Dream Programme 80



Dynamic leaders in the advancement of palliative and bereavement care in Zimbabwe and beyond.

  • Pain management
  • Symptoms treatment
  • Counselling services
  • Bereavement therapy
  • Caregiving training


To sustainably provide and develop quality palliative and bereavement care for communities, through research, training and partnership.

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