There are many ways you can make a difference for people living with a life threatening illness in Zimbabwe.  Please consider donating to Island via one these platforms, either locally or internationally.






Ecocash Merchant Numbers:


Bulawayo Branch:  132498

Harare Branch:  76498

Marondera Branch:  76498

Mutare Branch:  65423


Making a Bequest to Island Hospice and Healthcare

Making a provision in your will to donate to Island is a way of honouring your community and is a significant way of making a lasting contribution to the specialised care of Island. A bequest, whatever the size, offers you the opportunity to have an impact on generations to come. You may find tremendous satisfaction in helping touch the lives of people in need of Islands specialised palliative and bereavement care services.  Your gift will cost you nothing now, but will provide practical help, relief from pain, emotional support and spiritual comfort at a time when it is needed most.


If you would be interested in considering a bequest to Island, please contact us .


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